For up to date scores and stats, please visit North Central Hockey League or our social media
For up to date scores and stats, please visit North Central Hockey League or our social media


The History of the Innisfail Eagles

The Innisfail Eagles Hockey Club has existed in Innisfail officially since 1947 when the Memorial Arena was first built. The owner of the local Ford Dealership had an eagle on top of his sign and when he sponsored the team the name was given as the Eagles. In the 1980’s the Eagles were renamed for a period of about 8 years as the Innisfail Highwayman Eagles from their sponsorship from the Highwayman Motor Inn.

Senior hockey has been played here since before 1947. The Legion sponsored a team for a number years prior to that with the team playing games in surrounding communities against whomever would play them. There is even documented evidence of a senior men’s hockey team traveling to Olds to play an exhibition game in 1903.

The tradition of the Eagles lives on in its present day team and through its alumni, which the organization is very proud of.

2023 – 2024Alberta Sr. ‘AAA’ Champions / Allan Cup Participants
2022 – 2023Alberta Sr. ‘AAA’ Champions / Allan Cup Participants
2019 – 2020Senior ‘AAA’ Provincial Final cancelled leading Stony Plain Eagles 3-0
2018 – 2019Allan Cup Finals loss to Lacombe Generals
2017 – 2018Chinook League adds operating name of ‘Allan Cup Hockey West’
2013 – 2014Registers as Senior ‘AAA’
2012 – 2013Senior ‘AA’ Provincial Champions
2001 – 2010Registers as Senior ‘AAA’
1992 – 1993Senior ‘A’ Provincial Champions / Chinook Hockey League Champions
1991 – 1992Chinook Hockey League Champions
1988 – 1989Senior ‘AAA’ denotation begins
1984 – 1985Chinook Hockey League Champions
1983 – 1984Chinook Hockey League Champions
1982 – 1983Intermediate ‘B’ Provincial Champions / Chinook Hockey League Champions
1981 – 1982Senior Provincial Champions (Allan Cup eligible)
1980 – 1981Senior Provincial Champions (Allan Cup eligible) / Chinook Hockey League Champions
1979 – 1980Intermediate ‘A’ Provincial Champions / Chinook Hockey League Champions
1978 – 1979Chinook Hockey League Champions
1976 – 1977Intermediate ‘C’ Provincial Champions
1971 – 1972Chinook Hockey League Champions
1964 – 1965Chinook Hockey League Champions
1962 – 1963Chinook Hockey League Champions
1961 – 1962Chinook Hockey League Champions
1958 – 1959Chinook Hockey League
1957 – 1958Central Alberta Hockey League
1955 – 1956Chinook Hockey League
1953 – 19542•11 Hockey League
1948 – 1949Central Big 6 Hockey League
1947 -1948Team founded as Innisfail Senior Hockey Club

The Allan Cup

The Allan Cup is a trophy that was donated by Sir Montague Allan in 1908 for amateur hockey teams to compete for each year to replace the Stanley Cup, whose tournament had become a professional competition. At that time the team that won it defended it against any challengers. In 1914 the Allan Cup competition was changed to a once a year format in which teams from across the nation would compete in.

Since 1984 the Cup has been competed for by teams in the Senior AAA category. The original Cup has been retired to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and a replica is presented to the champions.

The Allan Cup means a lot to hockey. It has been won by teams from every province and from the Yukon, as well as by two teams from the United States which played in Canadian leagues. The city with the most Allan Cup championships is Thunder Bay with 10, including four won as Port Arthur before the city’s amalgamation.